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Sauna Heater Controls

On This Page:  
1. Sauna Controls - 3 Options
2. Rough-in Info
3. Wiring Specifications

3 Sauna Control Options...

Built-in Control


    Built-in Controls on the Heater (Standard)...
  • The Built-in Sauna Controls have the mechanical thermostat & 60 minute ticking timer mounted right on the sauna heater. Many sauna buyers prefer the built-in controls for its ease of wiring.
  • The features are the same as the OWC Outside Wall Control only the mechanical controls are located at the bottom of the heater on this model.
  • Sauna heater sizes 7.5 Kw to 10.5 Kw will include an electrical contactor.
  • This is the standard control (no charge).

Outside Wall Control
    OWC - Outside Wall Control (Optional)...
  • The Outside Wall Control is a popular sauna control. The OWC sauna control will be located in a wall outside the sauna at a convenient face level. This thermostat has a 12' capillary to connect the heat sensor (located above the sauna heater) to the thermostat control. The outside sauna control must, therefore, be located within 7' or 8' of the heater. A 3-gang masonry junction box will be needed to install the Outside Wall Control.
  • Mounts in a 3-gang masonry junction box in sauna wall outside the sauna at face level (your electrician will supply it).
  • Includes mechanical sauna thermostat with 12' capillary.
  • Includes mechanical 60 minute timer, it ticks a little
  • Includes pilot light.
  • Masonry junction box not supplied. (a 3-gang switch box is too small)
  • Sold Separately $319. Sauna Heater Prices
  • Only $39 as upgraded control when ordered with heater.

Digital Electronic Control
    DEC - Digital Electronic Control (Optional)...
  • The Digital Electronic Control provides a number of extra features. The DEC electronic thermostat maintains the sauna temperature extremely accurately, within +/-3 degrees. The electronic timer has no ticking sound. The DEC sauna control can also be located up to 100' away from the sauna heater.
  • Mounts in a 3-gang masonry junction box in sauna wall outside the sauna at face level (junction box with the control).
  • Features electronic temperature readout and silent timer control.
  • Electronic thermostat accurately maintains sauna temperature +/-3 degrees.
  • Features LED display.
  • Masonry mounting box included.
  • Includes a 10' sensor wire (can be extended to 100').
  • Sold Separately $489. Sauna Heater Prices
  • Only $179 as upgraded control when ordered with heater (includes special masonry junction box).
  • FREE when ordered with Elite DIY sauna kit

Sauna Heater Rough-in Information...

   1. Sauna Heater Sizes 2 Kw to 6 Kw: Our 240 volt sauna heaters are wired in 2 ways based on the electrical size of the sauna heater. Sauna heater sizes 2 Kw to 6 Kw use the same controls. The supply wiring is installed to connect the electrical supply panel directly to the sauna control if the optional OWC or DEC controls are purchased. If the heater has built-in controls, the wire will run directly to the sauna heater. Use AWG #10/2 wire for heater sizes 5Kw and smaller. Use AWG #8/2 for the 6 Kw heater. A 3 gang masonary junction box will be needed to install the Outside Wall Control.  A normal 3 gang switch box does not have enough room to bend the #10 or #8 wires. Using the masonary box will simplify the installation.
2. Sauna Heater Sizes 7.5 to 9 Kw: Larger sauna heater models over 6 Kw or over 25 amps use a magnetic contactor to control the electrical load. The wiring from the electrical supply panel runs to the magnetic contactor and not to the control. The magnetic contactor in turn supplies power to the sauna heater. In this event, the sauna controls are wired to regulate the magnetic contactor using AWG #14 with 6 conductors. Just use 3 runs of #14/2. The high-limit control on the heater must be wired back to the sauna control in the event it trips and breaks the entire circuit. It is a requirement that a licensed electrician is required to install the sauna wiring and sauna connections. Sauna Tip: All sauna heaters 7.5 Kw or larger that have built-in controls on the sauna heater, will make a audible "click" every time the heater starts or stops. This clicking can be eliminated with the purchase of the optional OWC control. In that event, the magnetic contactor is not inside the sauna and you will not hear it click.

    Electrical Approvals...
  • All sauna controls, controllers and heaters meet the latest UL and CSA standards & safety requirements .

Service Parts for Sauna Controls
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