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Buy Home Sauna Kits at the Factory! Price Matching with Great Saunas

We Offer 100+ Models of Home Sauna Kits...

Great Saunas offers price matching to find out more see our Price Match Policy.
Building saunas
and making all types of home sauna kits have been our trademarks as a sauna manufacturer. We make log style Finnish cedar saunas, sauna rooms & outdoor sauna kits from red cedar. We are experts in modular FAR infared sauna kits & dry type indoor home sauna kits. When you buy a sauna from Great Saunas you get the wholesale price which creates a huge saving for you as we have eliminated the middleman sauna dealers and sauna distributors.

Sauna Specials!

Additional $200 off of Elite Sauna Kit Sale Prices
Additional $150 off of Deluxe Sauna Kit Sale Prices
Additional $200 off Infrared Sauna Superstore Prices
For details see our Current Sauna Sale Specials

We Have FAR Infrared Saunas in 46 Models...

Our selection of far infrared saunas is the largest found. Our sauna prices are factory low.

Far Infrared Sauna


Far Infrared Saunas

FAR infrared saunas will help you feel better due to  its many health benefits. 46 models.
Differences Between Infrared and Heat Saunas


The Differences: Infrared Saunas vs Heat Saunas

Infrared Saunas consume 75% less energy than traditional saunas.
Portable FIR Infrared Sauna Kits


FIR Portable Saunas
FAR Infrared Personal Saunas

1 person & 2 person personal FIR infrared saunas are modular, portable & moveable.
Sauna Articles and Information


Stories & Articles on Infrared Saunas

View our list of infared sauna articles.

We Make DIY Sauna Kits for Building Home Saunas...

Our pre-cut cedar sauna kits contain all the specialty sauna parts for you to build your own cedar home sauna. You save the construction cost when you do it yourself. Every pre-cut sauna kit package includes an electric sauna heater, a sauna door and excellent instructions on how to build a sauna. Building great home saunas is easy... with our sauna design and our sauna material. Some construction knowledge is required.


Traditional Sauna kit and parts

Deluxe Pre-cut Cedar Sauna Kits

Our most popular pre-cut cedar home sauna kit. All high quality red cedar. 25 sizes.
16 Sauna Door Designs


16  Designs of Sauna Doors

16 cedar sauna doors are available to match our red cedar sauna kits. Very high quality.


Elite Traditional Sauna Kit

Elite Home Sauna Kits

Our best pre-cut home sauna kit has 22 extra features added. Red cedar is pre-sanded. 25 sizes.


Affordable Sauna Kit

Affordable STK
Home Sauna Kits

We have affordable sauna wood to make these pre-cut sauna kits truly affordable.

We Make Modular & Prefab Home Saunas...

All of our sauna rooms and prefab sauna kits are for people who want to buy a sauna today, assemble and use it all in one day and not deal with any construction details.

Prefab Cedar Log Sauna Kits

Finnish Style Prefab
Sauna Room Kits

Our Finnish style prefab sauna kits are all cedar & very durable. Easy installation.
Prefab Outdoor Sauna Kits

Outdoor Sauna Kits

Our all cedar outdoor saunas are extremely solid and durable. 10 sizes.

Great Sauna Heaters, Equipment, Parts, Sauna Accessories...

Each sauna package or sauna kit from Great Saunas is complete with a sauna heater and choice of sauna controls. Every sauna heater can be used for a dry sauna or wet sauna. All of our sauna equipment, heaters and sauna stoves can be purchased separately.

Electric Sauna Heater

Electric Sauna Heaters

All of our sauna heaters are very energy-efficient. 25 electric stove models for a dry sauna or wet sauna.
Wood Burning Sauna Stoves & Heaters

Wood Burning
Sauna Stoves

Enjoy the Finnish tradition of a wood sauna stove for lots of heat & steam.
Deluxe Stainless Steel Sauna Heater

Deluxe Sauna Heaters

Our all stainless steel sauna heaters features a lifetime warranty. For wet or dry sauna use.
Sauna Accessories & Supplies - Bucket, Ladle, Thermometer

Sauna Accessories
Sauna Supplies

Thermometers, buckets, sauna oil, etc.

We'll Supply the Sauna Design & Plans to Build Your Sauna...

Your sauna plans start with a great sauna design to ensure your home sauna building project will be a great success. Our custom sauna design service will plan your perfect home sauna kit. We will make your sauna construction and sauna building a lot easier when you use our specifications and sauna materials. Remember, every great sauna has an authentic Finnish sauna design that starts here at Great Saunas.

Sauna Building Book

Has specs to design, plan & build great home saunas. Many sauna pictures. The complete sauna book.

How to Build a Sauna

Specs on how to build your own sauna are online so you can do it yourself.

Sauna Layout Plans

Over 100 sauna design layouts & sauna floor plans are online. Detailed sauna plans include framing specifications.

Sauna Plans & Design

Our sauna design service will guide you through your entire indoor sauna project. Many plans, many sauna pictures.

  • Prices From $1,069 - Far Infra Red Saunas, 46 Prefab Models
  • DIY Home Sauna Kits
  • Prices From $1,998 - Cedar Pre Cut Home Sauna Kits, 25 Sizes
  • Modular Home Saunas
  • Prices From $4,494 - Modular & Prefab Home Sauna Kits
  • Portable Home Saunas
  • 1 and 2 Person Portable & Personal Home Infared Sauna Kits
  • How to Build a Sauna
  • Sauna Plans, Specs, Info on "How to Build a Sauna"
  • About Great Saunas
  • About Us... Years of Sauna Building Excellence
  • Sauna Heaters Review
  • 6 Types of Sauna Heaters and Equipment
  • Chromotherapy Light
  • Color Therapy can Benefit Our Well Being

    SINCE 1974 - As a pioneer North American sauna manufacturer, we ship saunas to every state in the US, every part of Canada, every city in America and every Canadian city. Use our 33 years of sauna design experience to make your home sauna project simple and successful. Our pro sauna experts are here to make this real easy for you!

    As one of the pioneer sauna manufacturers in North America, we are proud to have shipped thousands of great saunas to every state in the US and every part of Canada. We now invite you to take advantage of our years of sauna design experience and expertise to make your home sauna project simple and successful.
    Our sauna experts are here to make this easy for you!
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