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Wood Burning Sauna Stove

Wood Burning Sauna Heaters in 2 Styles

Topview wood burning Stove
Top view showing
Internal Rock Chamber

Wood Burning Sauna Heaters: small & large
Wood Burning
Stoves Are Available
in 2 Sizes
Extended Neck on Sauna Heater
Extended Neck
Feature Allows Stove
To be Fed from Outside
This is the wood sauna stove that will provide the high heat of the traditional Finnish sauna 180ºF to 220ºF temperature range. The large 100# rock capacity provides a gentler heat.

    Wood Sauna Stove Features...

  • Features a highly-efficient wood fired flame circulation system
  • Features a fast heat-up time for a wood sauna
  • This wood sauna stove has removable ash pan
  • Stove is made from cast iron and thick steel plate
  • It's ideal for cottages or areas with no electricity
  • Also used in backyard retreats
  • Optional 8-gallon stainless steel water tank is available

  • For Traditional Wood Sauna Enthusiasts...

  • Traditional wood burning saunas are very special. The crackling fire, a gentler heat, soft steam and the ritual of tending the sauna stove combine to create an exciting atmosphere where the experience of the traditional Finnish heat sauna with a wood fired sauna stove becomes the high point of the day.
  • These wood sauna stoves are very efficient. They heat up the sauna quickly and burn less wood.
  • Wood burning sauna stoves are available with the firebox door flush-mounted or mounted on a 6" extended neck to allow wood to be fed into the sauna stove from the outside of the sauna. A firebrick wall is needed around the mouth of the wood stove with the extended neck.
  • The optional 8-gallon water tank is a convenient source of hot water for washing in areas with no electricity.
  • Sauna rocks are not shipped with wood burning sauna stoves due to the high cost of shipping. We suggest they be obtained locally.

Wood Burning Sauna Stoves - Prices
 Wood Stove Model
  for 7' High Room
Size of
Wood Sauna
Your Price
U.S. $
 Sauna Stove - Small
6'x7 ' & 6'x8'
7' High
 Sauna Stove - Large
7'x8' & Larger

 7' High

 Options for Wood Stoves...

 Extended Neck 6"
 Watertank - Stainless Steel 


 Rocks 75#

  We Do Not Collect Sales Tax
  SHIPPING EXTRA in 48 States 
  Shipping to East Coast, Starting at $210.*
  Shipping to Mid-west, Starting at $230.*
  Shipping to West Coast, Starting at $275.*
  Order a Sauna Door Too & Get FREE Shipping on the
  Door ( a Saving of $120.)

* Call for shipping cost details

Wood Fired Sauna Stoves in 2 Models

Sauna Wood Stoves - Specifications...

Recommended Sauna Room Height  84" is Best, 90" is OK
SMALL Sauna Stove, No Water Tank
18"l x 16.5"w x 29"h
LARGE Sauna Stove, No Water Tank
19"l x 18.2"w x 31"h
- Dimensions Include Heat Deflector Panels on the sides
Neck Extension for Stove Door
Add 6" to Front
Stainless Steel Water Tank
18"l x 8"w x 16" h
Smoke Pipe Collar, for 6" Pipe
7" x 4.5" Oval Collar, for 6" Pipe
Minimum Wall Clearance on Sides
10" Minimum, 12" Recommended
High Temperature Heat Deflectors Included on All Sides
Galvanized Side Panels on 3 Sides
Included in the Size
Rock Capacity (Rocks not Included) 75# to 100#
Shipping Weight with No Rocks 200# Small Stove
220# Large Stove

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