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Oregon Sauna

GREAT SAUNAS ships home sauna kits and infrared saunas from its 30,000 sq ft sauna factory-warehouse.  A leading sauna manufacturer, Great Saunas ships everywhere in Oregon at NO TAX factory-outlet prices on 100+ sauna kit models (to home sauna page).

Sauna in Oregon

Oregon reportedly has more ghost towns than any other U.S. state. Had home sauna buying been easier earlier in Oregon’s history, perhaps those towns never would have been abandoned. With their myriad charms and irresistible appeal, perhaps a greater abundance of soothing hot saunas throughout Oregon would’ve discouraged the former inhabitants of those communities from seeking greener pastures elsewhere. All those years ago, however, buying a home sauna in Oregon was rather difficult to do.

Fortunately, sauna buying in Oregon has gotten a lot easier. Today, as so many Oregon sauna enthusiasts already know, any Oregon resident who wishes to buy a traditional Finnish sauna or far infrared sauna need only contact a Great Saunas sauna specialist. Great Saunas is the place for Oregon sauna fans to find great deals on high-quality residential saunas.

If you’re an Oregon resident, there’s no reason to abandon your search for a high-quality, affordable Finnish sauna or far infrared sauna. Great Saunas has the right sauna for your budget, lifestyle and Oregon home. Make the next home sauna shipped to your Oregon city or town be a Great Saunas sauna, and make it yours.

Oregon sauna fans pay NO SALES TAX on sauna products from Great Saunas.
Great Saunas can ship a far infrared sauna to Oregon in just 4 days.
Oregon sauna buyers can find great deals on infrared heat saunas at Great Saunas.
Infrared saunas from Great Saunas are hot sellers throughout all of Oregon.

Great Saunas continues to impress Oregon sauna buyers with fantastic far infrared heat saunas.

30,000 sq ft Sauna Factory-Warehouse
30,000 Sq Ft Sauna Factory-Warehouse

“I’m a bargain-hunter, plain and simple. Whenever I shop, my goal is to find the highest quality at the lowest price available. I’ve made two major purchases with your company (the first being an infrared sauna), and each time I felt I achieved my goal.”

Colin G., Portland, OR

“Shopping for an infrared sauna was much easier than I thought it would be, thanks to your courteous staff. I felt compelled to discuss my health concerns with your salesman, and he showed great tact and compassion each time we spoke. Please pass along my thanks to him, and tell him I’m starting to feel much better now that I have my infrared sauna.”

Ellen K., Salem, OR

“There’s something to be said for infrared sauna therapy. I would never have thought of myself as a candidate for a detoxification program, but I’m sure grateful that my doctor thought otherwise. I’m also grateful that I found a sauna company that could serve my needs so quickly.”

Hunter C., Eugene, OR

“Your radiant heat sauna has been an unbelievable blessing in my life. I can think of no other Earthly place where such sweet soft heat and pure serenity exist.”

Jade P., Portland, OR

“The infrared sauna is the weapon of mass relaxation for the 21st century. Alert the United Nations.”

Ryan M., Bend, OR

“My old high school classmates would never recognize me. The girl who used to be overweight, pimply and anxious all the time is now relaxed, nicely toned, and free of skin blemishes. I have my infrared sauna to thank for much of my amazing transformation.”

Amy T., Ashland, OR

Saunas in Portland, Oregon

It’s pretty clear that trees and wood hold special importance in Portland, Oregon. It’s in Portland where you’ll find sports teams carrying names like the Beavers, Lumberjax and Timbers. And just west of downtown Portland is Forest Park, the largest natural urban forest reserve in the U.S.

Sharing Portland, Oregon’s appreciation for wood are the skilled craftsmen of Great Saunas. To build our high-quality home sauna kits, our artisans use Western red cedar, durable softwood revered for its light color, pleasant aroma and ability to absorb perspiration and odors. Our far infrared saunas, however, are made of non-allergenic Western hemlock, strong, straight-grained softwood that is free of pitch and resin, making it a great choice for infrared sauna construction. As their names may suggest, Western red cedar and Western hemlock can be found in western sections of North America, including in the state of Oregon. In fact, Portland’s Forest Park contains all six successional stages of a Western hemlock forest community.

Even if you are a longtime Portland, Oregon sauna enthusiast, you may not know the difference between Western red cedar and Western hemlock, and that’s okay because the expert craftsmen at Great Saunas do know the difference. For years, Great Saunas’ talented artificers have been building home saunas for residents of Portland, Oregon and beyond. Our dedicated home sauna construction team has the experience and knowledge you can trust, whether you’re from Portland, Oregon; Portland, Maine; Portland, Texas, or Portland, Tennessee.

Portland, OR customers pay NO SALES TAX on far infrared saunas from Great Saunas.
Portland, Oregon sauna fans love Great Saunas’ traditional Finnish and far infrared saunas.
Great Saunas is meeting the demand for affordable sauna prices in Portland, Ore.
Great Saunas wants to furnish all of Portland, OR with affordable radiant heat saunas.

Great Saunas has an affordable infrared sauna for every Portland, Oregon sauna fan.
A Great Saunas infrared heat therapy room will add value to any Portland, Oregon home.
Folks in Portland, Oregon love Great Saunas’ low prices on radiant heat saunas.
Far infrared saunas are taking the dry sauna bath to new levels of popularity in Portland, Ore.

Far Infrared Saunas for Salem, OR and Eugene, Ore.

If you live in Salem or Eugene, Oregon, consider enhancing your home with a far infrared sauna from Great Saunas. A Great Saunas far infrared sauna will add value to any Eugene or Salem, Oregon home. Great Saunas offers our Salem and Eugene, Oregon customers low prices, high quality, and friendly service. And Great Saunas can ship a far infrared sauna from our sauna factory to a Eugene or Salem, Oregon address in as little as 4 days.

Shipping from Great Saunas to Oregon

Great Saunas offers 4-day shipping to Portland, Salem, Eugene and Gresham, Ore.

Great Saunas can ship a far infrared sauna to Beaverton, Hillsboro or Medford, OR in 4 days.

Great Saunas can get a infrared sauna from inside our sauna factory to inside your Bend, Springfield or Corvallis, Oregon home in just 4 days.

If Great Saunas ships a soft heat sauna from our sauna factory on a Monday, it can be in Tigard, Aloha or Albany, Oregon by the following Friday.

Sauna Factory-Superstore Has Best Sauna Selection

GREAT SAUNAS has the largest & best selection of sauna kits, sauna equipment, home saunas & infrared saunas, all shipped from its 30,000 sq ft factory-superstore.
Great Saunas features 100+ models of home saunas, infrared saunas & DIY sauna kits all sold at our best factory-outlet prices. > Home Sauna Page
Great Saunas, as a sauna factory, makes sauna doors & cedar sauna kits for dry saunas, wet saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas, etc.
Great Saunas has the best reviews of 60+ sauna heaters, sauna stoves & sauna equipment.
Sauna dealers offer only a few sauna models - we have over 100 sauna models. As we are a factory-superstore, our sauna sale prices are much lower than the prices sauna dealers charge.
GREAT SAUNAS ships 100+ home sauna kits and infrared saunas to Portland, Salem OR, Eugene and the rest of Oregon from its 30,000 sq ft sauna factory-warehouse.  Our sauna sale prices are much lower than the prices sauna dealers charge. Great Saunas has featured NO TAX factory-outlet prices on home sauna kits and infrared saunas to Oregon.
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