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Outdoor Sauna Kit

Outdoor Pre-built Sauna 4'x6' with Standard Door and Optional Window
5'x7' Outdoor Sauna
Shown With Deluxe
Full Window Door

Deluxe Full Window Sauna Door: Our Most Popular Sauna Door
#1 Deluxe Full Window
Sauna Door Is Included

See Other Doors

Outdoor Sauna Features...

  • Outdoor saunas are also called prefab backyard, exterior or outside saunas
  • Our 14 sizes of outdoor saunas are free-standing
  • Sauna walls are made of solid 2"x6" T&G Western Red Cedar
  • Outdoor sauna roof is prebuilt, just bolt it together
  • Solid cedar log design eliminates framing
  • Outdoor sauna can be dismantled for moving
  • No plumbing, floor drain or venting is needed
  • Customizing outdoor saunas is easy as we are the sauna manufacturer - not just a sauna dealer!

Outdoor Saunas Description...

  • Includes walls made from solid 2" x 6" T&G Western Red Cedar
  • Includes two heavy-duty two-tier prebuilt benches normally along the longest wall
  • Includes pre-hung door with window, left or right hinges
  • Includes prebuilt heater guard for safety
  • Includes duckboard slat flooring
  • Includes a light fixture for the inside
  • Includes prebuilt chalet roof, just bolt it together
  • Includes extended sauna roof over the front wall for weather protection
  • Roof uses asphalt shingles (not supplied)
  • No framing is needed as the walls are solid cedar logs
  • Includes our standard sauna heater & built in controls on the heater
6'x8' Outdoor Sauna With
Deluxe Full Window Door &
Optional 20"x24" Side Window
6'x8' Outdoor Sauna in a 4 Bench Layout


Outdoor Sauna Kit Prices

Sauna Kit Size Heater Size Number
U.S. $
4'x4' 4 kW 2 Benches $5,891
4'x5' 5 kW 2 Benches $5,991
4'x6' 5 kW 2 Benches $6,291
4'x7' 6 kW 2 Benches $6,591
4'x8' 6 kW 2 Benches $7,091
5'x5' 5 kW 2 Benches $6,291
5'x6' 6 kW 2 Benches $6,591
5'x7' 6 kW 2 Benches $6,891
5'x8' 6 kW 2 Benches $7,391
6'x6' 6 kW 2 Benches $6,891
6'x7' 7.5 kW 2 Benches $7,491
6'x8' 7.5 kW 2 Benches $8,191
7'x8' 9 kW 2 Benches $9,091
8'x8' 9 kW 2 Benches $9,891
Prices Include Heater & Controls
Controls are Located on the Heater

Outdoor Sauna Options...


U.S. $

U.S. $
Full Window Door $0 $0
Other Door Styles $180 $150
1 L-bench on 5' Wall $225 $155
2 L-benches on 6' Wall $595 $485
Window in Side Wall $450 $335
We Do Not Collect Sales Tax in 48 States
SHIPPING discount in 48 States, See Below
Fuel Surcharges May Apply in Some States
Prices Include Heater & Controls

4'x7' Outdoor Sauna Shown With Deluxe Full Window Door & Optional 20"x 24" Side Window

8'x7' Outdoor Sauna in a 4 Bench Layout with Cedar Sauna Bucket & Ladle

Standard Sauna Heater & Controls are Included

Outdoor Sauna Prices...

  • Prefab Log Sauna Prices: Include all the prefab sauna parts as described above.
  • We Do Not Collect Sales Tax.
  • SHIPPING credit will be applied to all Log saunas shipping to 48 States of the USA, some shipping costs may still apply. States AK, HI are quoted separately.
Advantages of Pre-Built & Modular Home Saunas

Assembly Details for Outdoor Saunas...

  • Sauna Wall Dimensions: Dimensions shown are approximate outside wall measurements. Add 1.5" for outside corner wall trim. Roof overhang adds 6" to 3 sides and 18" to the front wall.
  • Outdoor Roof Heights: Heights vary per model. Please ask for details.
  • Outdoor Sauna Assembly Time: 5 hours, 2 persons. A third person is needed for the roof assembly. Allow 2.5 hours for the sauna, 2.5 hours for the roof.
  • Skill Level: Medium.
  • Mobility: Cannot be moved as 1 unit. Average weight is 900#.
  • Tools Needed: Hammer, ladders, square, socket wrench.

Rough-in Requirements for an Outdoor Sauna...

  • A concrete deck or poured pad are best in the backyard. A patio deck will also work. As the base needs to be custom sized for each sauna, structure footprints are available as part of our planning service.
  • The back wall of all outdoor saunas should back on to a wall as minor wood imperfections are allowed behind the back wall.
  • A certified electrician must do the 240 volt wiring connections.
  • Outside saunas are often installed at cottages or in backyard or patio settings. The solid cedar logs provide an extremly durable exterior surface.
  • These out door saunas are a more spacious equivalent to the cramped barrel sauna kits made by others. Barrel saunas have only 71" headroom with single level sauna benches while our Finlandia saunas have 78" headroom. Our outdoor sauna kits also provide traditional two-tier sauna benches.
  • An outside sauna kit is also called a cabin sauna, backyard sauna or patio sauna.
  • A coating of a suitable exterior stain (we recommend the "Sikkens" brand) is suggested or let the exterior go to a natural silver grey.

    GREAT SAUNAS makes outdoor sauna kits, patio cabin saunas & outside saunas in its 30,000 sq ft sauna factory. Our prefab outdoor saunas have been the roomier answer to backyard barrel saunas.
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