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Deluxe DIY Cedar Sauna Kits

Price Matching with Great Saunas

Sauna Specials!

Additional $200 off of Elite Sauna Kit Sale Prices
Additional $150 off of Deluxe Sauna Kit Sale Prices

Great Saunas Traditional Rock Sauna with Water
A Deluxe Sauna Kit
Looks Like This After Construction is Finished

(Photo is Inside a 5'x7')

North American Sauna Kit
A Deluxe DIY Cedar Sauna Kit
Looks Like This on Arrival

Deluxe Full Window Sauna Door: Our Most Popular Sauna Door
#1 Deluxe Full Window
Sauna Door Is Included

See Other Doors

Standard Sauna Heater & Controls are Included
Precut Kit Includes
a Standard Sauna Heater
With Controls & Rocks

Interior Picture of
a 7'x8' Sauna with 4 Benches

It is very easy to build your own sauna when you buy one of our Deluxe DIY Cedar Sauna Kits that give you the perfect kit of sauna material, all of the right lengths of cedar lumber and great instructions. Even a novice do it yourself sauna builder can build beautiful home saunas using one of our Deluxe DIY Cedar Sauna Kits. All you need to supply are insulated stud walls. Our sauna material kit will provide the parts you need to build the interior of your sauna. Sauna building will be very easy to "do it yourself" with one of our Deluxe Sauna Kits.

Deluxe Cedar Sauna Kits - Features...

  • See our DIY Components image of your Sauna Kit
  • Our Deluxe Sauna Kits are made of high-quality clear grade Western Red Cedar
  • Our Deluxe Sauna Kits are known for great quality & low factory prices... since our founding
  • All of our home sauna kits are custom planned to match your exact needs
  • We are the factory.. & can easily customize our sauna kits!
  • These kits are also called home sauna kits, pre-cut cedar sauna kits, sauna kit kits, DIY sauna kits and cedar sauna material kits.

  • Deluxe Cedar Sauna Kits - Description...

  • Every sauna kit includes 1"x4" tongue & groove (T&G) clear, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar for all interior walls and ceiling, supplied in full length boardsNo joints are allowed in our sauna kits. Standard T&G thickness is 5/8". Thicker T&G of 11/16" is optional and provides extra insulation & strength.
  • Every sauna kit includes two-tier heavy-duty sauna benches of 2"x4" thick planks of clear grade Western Red Cedar, normally along the longest wall. Bonus Value: the bench 2x4s are pre-sanded ultra-smooth.
  • Our sauna kit includes a Red Cedar sauna door complete with large window, door frame, casing, stops, and all door hardware. The standard door (included) is the Deluxe Full Window Door #DFW1 Click to view 16 of our doors.
  • Our sauna kit includes a pre-cut cedar duckboard floor in front of the sauna benches.
  • Our sauna kit includes the high temperature rated aluminum foil vapor barrier for the walls and ceiling.
  • Our sauna kit includes a vapor proof sauna light.
  • Our sauna kit includes a standard model sauna heater with controls and rocks.
  • Our sauna kit includes complete instructions: Our step-by-step instructions include lots of pictures.
  • Our sauna kit includes all necessary hardware, louvered vents and galvanized nails and screws.
  • Our sauna kit includes these accessories: bucket, ladle, and thermometer at $50 OFF the Regular Price. See Sauna Special D5...

  • Not included in the kit: 2x4 framing, R12-R13 fiberglass insulation, wiring and any exterior wall covering.

  • Prices - Deluxe Sauna Kits

    Sauna Kits
    U.S. $
    U.S. $
    4'x4' 4 Kw $2,332. $2,097.
    4'x5' 4 Kw $2,432. $2,187.
    4'x6' 5 Kw $2,622. $2,357.
    4'x7' 5 Kw $2,752. $2,477.
    4'x8' 6 Kw $2,852. $2,567.
    5'x5' 5 Kw $2,542. $2,287.
    5'x6' 5 Kw $2,662. $2,397.
    5'x7'* 6 Kw $2,852. $2,567.
    5'x8'* 6 Kw $3,052. $2,747.
    6'x6' 6 Kw $2,752. $2,477.
    6'x7'* 6 Kw $3,052. $2,747.
    6'x8'* 7.5 Kw $3,332. $2,997.
    6'x9' 9 Kw $3,662. $3,297.
    7'x7' 7.5 Kw $3,492. $3,147.
    7'x8' 9 Kw $3,742. $3,367.
    7'x9' 9 Kw $3,932. $3,587.
    8'x8' 9 Kw $3,982. $3,587.
    $4,772. $4,297.
    8'x10' 10.5Kw $5,292. $4,777.
    See Other Layouts & Kits Not Above...
    Sale Prices in Effect This Week

    We Do Not Collect Sales Tax
    FREE SHIPPING, Min Order. $3200.

    * Door Normally Located on Long Wall
    * Door on Short Wall: Add $100.
    • Prices Include Heater, Controls & Rocks
    • Measurements are Inside Stud-to-Stud
    • Delivery is Curbside
    • Fuel Surcharges Apply on Small Saunas Under Minimum Order Size

    Options - Deluxe Sauna Kits

    You can select any of these options as needed. Some options are no charge during our sale. More info on these deals...

    Need Help with Pricing? Call 1-800-514-7481.
     1. OWC Outside Wall Control
     2. DEC Digital Electronic Control
           - See Sauna Special D3 - Save $50
     3. Coming Soon
     4. Upgrade to All Stainless Heater
     5. #1 Deluxe Full Window Door, Included
     6. Other Optional Sauna Doors, Add
     7. Pre-hung Door, Left or Right Hinges, No Charge
          - See Sauna Special D4 -Save $138
     8. Upgrade to Thicker T&G 11/16"
     9. Upgrade to Pre-sanded T&G 
    10. Upgrade to Pre-sanded Benches n/c
           - See Sauna Special D2 - Save $78
    11. Add 1 L-shape Bench to 5' Wall
    12. Add 2 L-shape Benches to 6' Wall
    13. Add Cedar to Outside Wall-Call for Pricing
    14. PASP - Anti-stain preserver
    15. Standard Heater is Included
    16. Built in Heater Controls are Included
    17. Upgrade to Other Heaters
    18. Sauna Accessory Pack
          - See Sauna Special D5 - Save $50
    19. Alternate Kits: Our Best ELITE KIT
    20. Fuel Surcharge on 4'x6' and Smaller
    21. Miscellaneous Kit Options

    RED HOT SPECIALS on Deluxe Red Cedar Sauna Kits...

    SAVE over $500 in Sauna Specials & Deals This Week...

    Sauna Special D1 –– SAVE $220 to $370! –– The sale price is available during this sale.
    Sauna Special D2 –– SAVE $78! –– Pre-sanded bench 2x4s are FREE.  Sanding the bench 2x4s to ultra-smooth will remove any chances of slivers.
    Sauna Special D3
    –– SAVE $50! –– Order the DEC Digital Electronic Control and get $50 OFF (Regular $229.)  
    Sauna Special D4
    –– SAVE $138! –– Prehung door option is FREE! (Regular $138.)
    Sauna Special D5
    –– SAVE $50! –– Order your accessory kit (bucket, ladle & thermometer) and get $50 OFF. (Regular $113.)

    TOTAL SAUNA SPECIALS - Save Over $500.. CLICK for Order Form...

    6 Great Reasons to Buy a Sauna Kit from Great Saunas Factory...

    1. Benefit from the Largest Website in the Sauna Business… We’ve made sauna building easy for our customers. Today we do that in bigger volume with the largest sauna website found anywhere. Make use of our free plans, drawings and layouts, all online! Saunas are our only business!
    2. Benefit from our Years as a Sauna Factory… Our trained experts can give you lots of support and advice as needed. We’ve been there – done that – and are happy to share our knowledge of DIY sauna kits and our sauna building experience with you!
    3. Benefit from Great Prices...  As the manufacturer, we eliminated the dealers and distributors so we can give you low prices, great deals and top quality. When you buy our entire sauna kit, the kit price includes a 25% discount from buying parts and components individually.
    4. Benefit from our Factory Customizing... Any sauna kit can be customized in our factory to adapt to your sauna’s location and layout.
    5. Benefit from our Quality... When you buy a DIY cedar sauna kit from us, you will get top quality materials along with the innovations we’ve developed over years in the sauna business!
    6. Remember, we’re here to make this easy for you!!!

    Rough-in Requirements - Deluxe Cedar Sauna Kits...

  • Framing Size: The sauna space must be fully framed (normally using 2"x4" studs) and insulated with R13 insulation. Example: A 5'x7' sauna room should measure 5'x7' (inside measurements). Sauna height cannot exceed 7'. Height of 80" to 82" is good too.
  • Sauna Door Specs: The standard sauna door rough opening is 26"x75". The sauna door must open outwards for safety. The hang of a door is defined by the location of the hinges when you look at the sauna door from the outside. For example: a right-hinged door (or right hung door) has the hinges on the right. Please specify when ordering.
  • Sauna Flooring Specs: A concrete floor is ideal, a floor drain is not needed. Just apply a coat of concrete sealer or a grey concrete floor paint to any existing concrete floor. Our kit includes a duckboard floor for the walking area.
  • Sauna Wiring Specs: Wiring to the sauna will need to be supplied by you or your electrician. CLICK for Sauna Wiring Specs...
  • Door Location: We will need to define the wall widths on either side of the door. Door rough opening is 26"x75". See Standard Layouts for reference.
  • T&G Lengths for the Ceiling: The T&G ceiling boards are normally supplied in the shortest length for easier installation.T&G boards 6', 7', 8' and longer will be more expensive.

    9 Quick Links To Make A Home Sauna....

    As part of your sauna building process, we highly recommend that you visit these sauna planning and building pages on our sauna website:

    1. SAUNA DESIGN & PLANS -- A Good Start is a Great Design & DIY Sauna Plans
    2. SAUNA LAYOUTS & SIZES -- Lots of Sauna Pictures & DIY Sauna Layouts
    3. HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN SAUNA -- Construction Specs on How to
           Build DIY Sauna
    4. SAUNA DOOR -- 16 Sauna Door Designs Are Available
    5. SAUNA HEATER -- Choose the Right Heater From Our 26 Models
    6. WIRING SPECS -- Confirm 240 Volt Wiring & Check the Electrical Power Requirements
    7. ALTERNATE BUY --Our Best Quality Sauna Kit - The "Elite" is Feature Loaded.
    8. BUY the SAUNA BOOK -- The Sauna Building is THE Complete Sauna Book
    9. PLACE ORDER -- CLICK Here to Call or Email Us to Order Any of Our Sauna Kits


    Sauna Kit Shipping Costs - DIY Red Cedar Sauna Kits...

  • Prices for Deluxe Cedar Sauna Kits: See the Price Chart $ Above.
  • Shipping Cost to Eastern & Central States: Our FREE SHIPPING includes FREE LIFT GATE Delivery Service so the 500# crate is lowered to the ground by the trucker's hydraulic equipment (normal cost is $55). Delivery is curbside. For Free
  • Shipping in Eastern & central States, a $3200 minimum order is needed. If less, then a Flat surcharge of $100 applies depending on the destination and the size of the sauna kit.
  • Shipping Cost to the Western States: For Free Shipping to CO, ID, MT, WY, UT, AZ, NM, ND, SD. a $3200 minimum order is needed. If less, then a flat surcharge of $200 will apply
  • Shipping Cost to West Cost States: For Free Shipping to CA, WA, NV, OR. A minimum order of $3200 is needed. If less, then a flat surcharge of $250 will apply
  • AK, HI are quoted individually.
  • We Do Not Collect Sales Tax when you buy a sauna kit here.

  • Sauna Building Details - DIY Cedar Sauna Kits...

  • Building Time: 16 to 24 hours not including framing and insulating the sauna room.
  • Skill Level: Medium handy.
  • Tools Needed: Hammer, handsaw, tape measure, square, nail set, drill/cordless screwdriver, mitre box (for trimming). A pneumatic nailer/stapler helps speed up installation.
  • Mobility: This is a permanent sauna installation.


    Best Buy in America for Sauna Kits... Guaranteed!

    No one beats the sauna price deals on our cedar sauna kits as we are the sauna manufacturer & the factory! If you find similar DIY cedar sauna kits, with similar quality and features that are lower in price, we will match that price and deduct a further 10% of the difference for pointing it out to us!


    8 Quick Sauna Facts About Cedar Sauna Kits…
    1. The Western Red Cedar sauna kit has been made for 36 years at Great Saunas Factory.
    2. Cedar sauna kits make excellent Finnish traditional saunas.
    3. Red cedar saunas are popular due to the pleasant smell of the cedar wood.
    4. Red cedar is sometimes called “red wood” or “redwood.”
    5. True California redwood is very expensive and scarce, and is rarely used for sauna building.
    6. The cedar home sauna is still the most popular choice for traditional saunas.
    7. A cedar sauna package from Great Saunas makes a great do it yourself sauna project.
    8. It is very easy to build your own sauna when you buy one of our Deluxe DIY Cedar Sauna Kits that give you the perfect package of sauna material, all of the right lengths of cedar lumber and great instructions. Even a novice do it yourself sauna builder can build beautiful home saunas using one of our Deluxe DIY Cedar Sauna Kits. All you need to supply are insulated stud walls. Our sauna materials will look after the rest. Sauna building will be very easy to "do it yourself" with one of our Deluxe Sauna Kits.

    Terminology of DIY Sauna Kits: With good instructions, it's easy to assemble do it yourself saunas. Kits are also called sauna packages, DIY sauna kits, home sauna kits, sauna material packages, indoor sauna kits as well as sauna kits to do it yourself. A pre cut do it yourself home sauna kit is also spelled precut sauna kit or a do it yourself pre-cut sauna kit. All Precut Sauna Kits from Great Saunas can be used for dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas, hot saunas and outdoor saunas. Coming from Great Saunas Factory, no matter what these saunas are called, they are great precut DIY sauna kits at very low wholesale  prices!

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