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Custom DIY Sauna Kits
Just call Us... We're here to make this easy!
As Great Saunas is one of the largest sauna manufacturers in North America, we can make any custom sauna layout you need. We make custom sauna doors, custom sauna benches and we can custom the sauna walls to your layout and specifications. In addition, we make custom size sauna kits to suit any size or need. Our custom sauna planning is a FREE service - just part of how we make a great sauna. Please call us or email us a note to get your custom sauna started. After 34 years in the sauna business, we can make this easy for you!
Ask for Tom. He's very good at the custom design sauna process.
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Cedar Products.
Our specialty is the high quality clear grade of Western Red Cedar, the same grade that we use for our and saunas. We carry a large inventory of ready-to-use cedar in tongue and groove boards as well as regular cedar boards in many grades of quality. A large part of our cedar inventory is produced in our own cedar mill.
Please contact us to discuss your cedar needs.
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