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Sauna Accessories & Supplies

Sauna Accessories

Sauna Accessories Packages...
Descriptions of Sauna Accessories are Shown After the Price List

Price U.S. $
AP1 STANDARD Package of Sauna Accessories:
Cedar Sauna Bucket, Cedar Ladle, Wood Sauna Thermometer
--- (Total 3 Sauna Accessories)

AP2 DELUXE Package of Sauna Accessories:
Cedar Sauna Bucket with Plastic Insert, Cedar Ladle, Wood Sauna Thermometer, 2 Head/Back Rests, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Sauna Oil, +1 Free Oil, Any Fragrance (An excellent package for a sauna gift) --- (Total 8 Sauna Accessories & Supplies)

AP3 PRESTIGE Package of Sauna Accessories:
Our Best Package of Sauna Accessories:
Cedar Sauna Bucket with Plastic Insert, Cedar Ladle, Wood Sauna Thermometer, 2 Head/Back Rests, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Peg Rack, 4 Sauna Oils , +2 Free Sauna Oils, Any of Our Fragrances or Aromas (Our best sauna accessories package makes a great sauna gift)
--- (Total 13 Sauna Accessories & Supplies)


Sauna Accessories & Sauna Supplies...

US $

Descriptions of Sauna Accessories are Shown After the Price List

Sauna Bucket

AB21 Sauna Bucket, Cedar 4L, Includes Plastic Insert $59
AB22 Sauna Bucket, Pine 6L (No Longer Available) $66

Sauna Ladle

US $
AL26 Sauna Ladle, Wood, Cedar $27
AL27 Sauna Ladle, Wood, Birch, 15" Long $35
AL28 Sauna Ladle, Copper $32

Sauna Thermometer

US $
AT11 Sauna Thermometer, Wood, Shows ºF and ºC, 5.5" Square $27
AT12 Sauna Thermometer, Glass Front, Shows ºC Only, 5" Square $44
AT14 Sauna Thermometer, Copper,Shows ºF and ºC, 5" Diameter $44
AT15 Sauna Thermometers, Barrel Design, ºF and ºC, 7" Diameter $44

Sauna Timer

US $
AT31 Sauna Timer, Sand Type, 15 Minute $42
AT32 Electronic Sauna Timer, 90 Minute $19

Sauna Hygrometer

US $
AH33 Sauna Hygrometer, to Measure Humidity, Has Glass Front $69
AH34 Sauna Hygrometer & Sauna Thermometer Set, Has Glass Fronts $95

Head Rests, Backrests  & Sauna Oils

US $
AR41 Sauna Headrest & Backrest, Cedar $48
AE42 Sauna Oil Scent, Eucalyptus Fragrance Aroma, 4 oz/115 ml $10
AE43 Sauna Oil Scent, Cedar Fragrance Aroma, 4 oz/115 ml $10
AE44 Sauna Oils Scent, Wintergreen Fragrance Aroma, 4 oz/115 ml $10
AE45 Sauna Oils Scent, Menthol Fragrance Aroma, 4 oz/115 ml $10

Peg Racks

US $
AP53 Peg Rack, 3 Pegs $36
AP54 Peg Rack, 4 Pegs $42
AP55 Peg Rack, 5 Pegs $49

Cooling-off Benches

US $
AB63 Cedar Bench, 3'L x 16"W x 18"H, Free-standing $179
AB64 Cedar Bench, 4'L x 16"W x 18"H, Free-standing $199
AB65 Cedar Bench, 5'L x 16"W x 18"H, Free-standing $219
AB66 Cedar Bench, 6'L x 16 "W x 18"H, Free-standing $249
AS71 Sauna Soap, Birch Scent, in Sauna Supplies $9
AS72 Sauna Soap, Pine Scent, in Sauna Supplies $9
AB73 Sauna Brush, With Short Handle, in Sauna Supplies $18
AB74 Sauna Brush, With Long Handle, in Sauna Supplies $21
AL75 Sauna Loofah Sponge, in Sauna Supplies $8
AW76 Sauna Whisk, Synthetic, No Longer Available  

Sauna Gifts - See Above...
Sauna Parts - See Below...

US $
  CLICK for Complete DIY Sauna Parts Price List  
PASB Book, "THE Sauna Building " $23
PVENTM Wall Vents, Louvered & Adjustable $12
PASP Interior Anti-stain Preserver, "Sauna Guard" 2L Size $48
DPH11 Door Handles, Cedar Wood, Pair 11" $28
PR22 Rocks, Igneous Granite, 22# $48
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Sauna Accessory Descriptions are Shown After the Price List.....
All Sauna Accessories Are Available At Great Saunas

Info on Our Most Popular Sauna Accessories....


Sauna Accessories - The Sauna Thermometer.  Popular among users of the Finnish traditional hot sauna, the sauna thermometer shows the temperature of the hot sauna air in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. Great Saunas features 4 sauna thermometer models, priced from $25. Often bought as part of our Deluxe Sauna Accessories Package, a sauna thermometer makes a nice Christmas or birthday gift. Unless you have a thermometer that is rated for 250 degrees, DO NOT USE a mercury type of thermometer for a sauna thermometer as it will explode and leave you with glass chards to clean up. In 2007, we will have a cute novelty sauna thermometer available.


Sauna Accessories - The Sauna Bucket.  Popular among users of the Finnish traditional hot sauna, our sauna bucket holds over 1 gallon of water. A fragrance sauna oil concentrate is often mixed with the water in the sauna bucket to create a nice sauna aroma when the water is sprinkled onto the hot sauna rocks. Our new style cedar sauna bucket holds a built-in plastic bowl so the sauna bucket will never crack or leak. A sauna bucket is also called a sauna pail or simply the pail. Great Saunas has 2 different sauna bucket styles. The cedar sauna bucket is the most popular as the cedar wood in the bucket will match the wood in the sauna. The pine sauna buckets sold in some sauna dealer stores are made in Finland, are prone to leakage and cannot be guaranteed. Sold separately or as part of our Prestige Sauna Accessories Package, a sauna bucket makes a nice Christmas or birthday gift.


Sauna Accessories - The Sauna Timer.  Many sauna bathers like to use their own sauna timer to indicate how long they have been in the sauna. There is a choice between a sand filled glass sauna timer costing $42. or an electronic sauna timer costing $24.

Sauna Accessories - Sauna Thermometers.  All of the sauna thermometers at Great Saunas show the temperature of the hot sauna air in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. The mechanisms for the sauna thermometers are imported from Finland for their accuracy. Sauna thermometers are priced from $25. up to $89. for a deluxe combo of the sauna thermometer with the sauna hygrometer as a set.



Sauna Supplies to Stay Stocked...


Sauna Supplies - Sauna Oil.  Many people like to use a sauna oil during their sauna session to create a special aroma in the sauna. A sauna oil is usually mixed with the water in the sauna bucket and sprinkled onto the hot sauna rocks with the sauna dipper or ladle. Bathers can select their sauna fragrances or scents from many different fragrance sauna oils available. Many choose their sauna aroma to be the cedar scent or the birch smell like the smell of the leaves from an authentic sauna whisk. Two popular sauna oils are the eucalyptus fragrance oil and the cedar fragrance sauna oil.


Sauna Supplies - Sauna Soap.  Washing up after any sauna session is an important ritual in the traditional sauna process. Using a sauna soap with a birch aroma or a pine scent simply adds special meaning for those who connect the sauna to the birch or pine smell of a traditional hot sauna. In Finland, there is even a pine tar sauna soap that the Finlanders enjoy using. In North America, the birch sauna soap is the favorite soap.


Sauna Supplies - Sauna Oils.  Some of the sauna oils can be used inside infrared saunas similar to aromatherapy. Some infrared saunas now feature oxygen ionizers that use special sauna oils to create a nice smell in the low temperature infrared. Our most popular sauna oil scents are the lavender scent, cedar scent, wintergreen scent and pine scent.


Sauna Supplies - Sauna Brush.  Usually the sauna brush is used with sauna soap as part of the traditional washing ritual after the hot sauna is over. More Info on How to Use the Traditional Sauna.


Sauna Supplies - Loofah Sponge.  The loofah is a wonderful alternative to the sauna brush when washing. The rough texture of the loofah sponge performs an important exfoliation to rid the body of dead skin cells.


 Unique Sauna Accessories...


Here are some additional sauna accessories other than the popular sauna bucket, sauna thermometer, sauna towel, sauna oils and sauna soap.


Sauna Accessories - Sauna Hygrometer.  A sauna hygrometer is used to measure the % relative humidity in traditional heat saunas so a sauna bather can see how and when the humidity shifts, particularly when saunas are new and the bathers are learning their preferences.. From a dry 5% R.H. to start, rising to a comfortable 35% R.H., it is interesting to understand how humidity and heat work together. Some users may prefer their sauna at a steamy 60% (often in a Russian banya). A sauna hygrometer can be used to measure % relative humidity anywhere. Even a household hygrometer can be used to measure the humidity as long as the sauna heat does not melt the plastic.


Sauna Accessories - Sauna Pillow.  Often called a sauna headrest or head rest, a wooden sauna pillow should support the head and neck when laying down in a traditional hot sauna and not be affected by sweat. The sauna pillow from Great Saunas makes an excellent gift as part of a complete accessories package.


Sauna Accessories - Sauna Backrest.  Sometimes called a back rest, our sauna backrests can be used as a portable accessory to support the small of the back in any position. The backrests from Great Saunas are adjustable to any angle whenever the back needs a rest.



Sauna Accessories Packages...


Choose one of 3 sauna accessory packages for your buying convenience.

The Elite Accessories Pack and Prestige Accessories Pack give you FREE supplies.

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Need a Gift Idea? A Sauna Accessories Package is a unique gift idea for Christmas, a birthday or any special day!

Great Saunas can supply all the sauna accessories you'll ever need!

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