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1 Person Far Infrared Sauna - Deluxe

Infrared Sauna For 1 Person

Gi-1D Deluxe
Infrared Sauna For 1 Person Inside

Far Infrared Sauna Features...

Model Gi-1D Deluxe D-Class

This is a high quality far infrared sauna for 1 person. The walls are constructed of horizontal tongue and groove hemlock boards on the inside as well as the outside. Hemlock is ideal for infrared saunas because it is a safe non-allergenic wood. No toxic glues are used.

The 3 ceramic heaters are situated on the back wall, front wall as well as one under the bench to provide heat therapy for calf and foot muscles.

Each Gi-1D Deluxe Great Infrared Sauna is complete with CD player, stereo speakers and 2 sets of convenient controls. The digital controls allow you to control time and temperature precisely (normally between 75 and 140 degrees F).

The Gi-1D plugs into a standard 120-volt electrical receptacle. The entire sauna assembles in 40 minutes - no electrician is needed. You can use it the same day it arrives!

The cost of operating the Gi- 1 infrared sauna is about 5¢ for a 30 minute infrared heat therapy session.

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Saunas meet electrical standards

Electrical Approvals...

Every infrared sauna meets the latest UL and ETL safety standards & electrical requirements for the USA.

Why Buy An Infrared Sauna From Great Saunas?
  • We have an excellent reputation after 35 years in the sauna industry.
  • We have 14 years experience building infrared saunas. We are among the industry's oldest and most reputable sauna companies (35 years in total).
  • We are experts in traditional Finnish saunas - in designing, building and making sauna kits of all types. Top quality, great engineering!
  • You want to buy a sauna from a sauna company that is trustworthy and here for all your needs - today, next year and the years to come. That's why we are called Great Saunas. This company will be here for another 35 years and more!

Gi-1D 1-Person Great Infrared Sauna Specifications

Gi-1D One Person
D-Class Deluxe
Ceramic Emitters
Carbon Fiber
Gi- 1D Deluxe
Overall Size:
35.5"l x 35.5"w - 75"h
Seating Capacity:
1 Bench, Seats 1 Person
Non-allergenic Hemlock T&G
1,050 Watts/110 Volts
No of Emitters:
3 Ceramic Emitters
Emitter Size:
3 at 350 Watts
Controls Outside:
Yes, 1 Outside Control Panel
Controls Inside:
Yes, 1 Inside Control Panel
Thermostat Range:
76°F - 150°F (24°C - 65°C)
Timer Control:
Yes, One 60 Minute Timer
CD Player:
Yes, CD With 2 Speakers
AM/FM Radio:
Yes, AM-FM Radio
MP3/iPod Connection:
Oxygen Ionizer:
Ionizer & Fresh Air Vents
Interior Light:
Yes, 1 Reading Light
Emitter Warranty:
Lifetime Emitter Warranty
Parts Warranty:
5 Year Limited Parts Warranty
CD Warranty:
1 Year CD-Radio Warranty
Crate Holds 2 Boxes, 195 lbs.
Transport Truck, Free Freight
Some Conditions May Apply
Infrared Prices:
Other Information:  
Toxic Glues:
No Toxic Glues Are Used
No Veneers Are Used
Air Vents:
Yes, Air Vents Are Used
Windows, Glass:
Tempered Safety Glass, 1
Assembly Time:
40 Minute Assembly
Pre-heat Time:
8 Minutes Pre-heat
Cost to Operate:          5¢ For 30 Minutes  
Power Amps:
10.0 Amps/110 Volt
FIR Frequency:
6 to 14 Microns, Mostly 8-10

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