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Steam Vaporizer Sauna Equipment

Steam Vaporizer All Stainless Steel Sauna Heater Includes Controls & Rocks
Steam Vaporizer Sauna Equipment
 Includes Stove Controls & Rocks

    Sauna Equipment Features...

  • Can be used for a dry heat sauna or wet sauna
  • Automatically creates humidity or "steam"
  • Water reservoir is manually filled
  • Extra water can be put onto the rocks - it's OK
  • Sauna equipment stoves are all stainless steel
  • Equipment mounts in a corner or flat on a wall
  • Low-density Incoloy elements rated for 1600°F
  • Heat deflector and vented body design
  • 6 sizes: 4 kilowatt to 10.5 kilowatt 
  • Includes sauna control, thermostat & timer
  • Igneous sauna rocks are included
  • Has Limited Lifetime Warranty. See Warranty
FREE SHIPPING on Sauna Heaters 2-6 Kw
$50 Credit Towards Shipping for Sauna Stoves 7.5 Kw and Larger

Top Quality Sauna Equipment...

  • Humidex System Included: Water in the built-in reservoir creates automatic humidity for those who like a steamy sauna. Can be used completely dry for a true dry sauna or as wet as you like. Manually filled.
  • Advanced Design: All vaporizer sauna equipment stoves feature an improved "heat release system" that allows virtually all of the heat to be circulated into the sauna room, keeping the sauna equipment and the elements much cooler, resulting in longer element life. Heat deflectors assist in moving the heat to the centre of the sauna room.
  • 3 Sauna Control Choices: The 1) Built-in Sauna Controls are on the heater & included in the price. Our most popular sauna control, however, is the optional 2) Outside Wall Control where the sauna control will be located in a wall outside the sauna at face level. The OWC sauna control has a 12' capillary connecting the thermostat to the heat sensor that will be located above the equipment. The sauna control must, therefore, be located within 7' or 8' of the equipment. The optional 3) DEC Digital Electronic Control has many extra advantages. The DEC sauna control can be located up to 100' away from the sauna equipment. The electronic thermostat maintains the sauna temperature extremely accurately, within +/- 3 degrees. The electronic timer has no ticking sound.
  • Health Benefit of 100% Stainless Steel: Medical experts highly recommend using 100% stainless steel sauna equipment for people with sensitive skin and/or allergies. Stainless steel is non-toxic. All galvanized and painted steel parts have been eliminated to prevent any possible off-gassing of heavy metals from the galvanized parts. Galvanizing is a process that uses tin, zinc and lead.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our vaporizer sauna equipment stoves are carefully handcrafted from 100% stainless steel to provide a lifetime of enjoyable use. The Incoloy elements are rated for very long life at 1600°F surpassing the 10 to 14 year lifespan of normal stainless steel elements used in most imported sauna equipment stoves.

Heaters are Approved

    Electrical Approvals...

  • All sauna equipment stoves meet the latest UL, CE and CSA electric standards & safety requirements for the U.S.A.

3. STEAM VAPORIZER Sauna Equipment - All Stainless Steel --- You are here now!
6. GAS - PROPANE Sauna Equipment - Cheap on Fuel but Expensive to Install


Steam Vaporizer Equipment Prices...

Size of
240 V
U.S. $
U.S. $
4 Kw 16.7 a $1,048 $789
5 Kw 20.8 a $1,074 $809
6 Kw 25 a $1,123 $849
7.5 Kw 31.3 a $1,298 $989
9 Kw 37.5 a $1,349 $1,029
10.5Kw 43.8 a $1,729 $1,339

  1. Built-in Sauna Controls:                FREE

  2. Upgrade to OWC Control:                $39
  3. Upgrade to Electronic Control:        $149
Heater Special:
FREE SHIPPING 2-6 Kw Heaters
$50 CREDIT Towards 7.5 Kw & Above

Regular Rates before Special
  We Do Not Collect Sales Tax
  SHIPPING COST: $40-95 Via FedEx
  UL Approved for Use in U.S.A.

Sauna Equipment - Options...


INFO: SAUNA WIRING  - Specifications

Other Sauna Equipment Specifications...  
Electric Sauna Equipment Specifications...    

Electric sauna equipment stoves & the sauna control should be installed on a dedicated 240 volt hard wired circuit. Every home has 240 volt electricity.

Sauna Equipment Dimensions:
  4 to 6 Kw: 15"w x 10"d x 23.5"h
  7 to 10.5 Kw: 16"w x 12"d x 24"h

    Add 3" to 4" extra for the heater guard.

    How to Calculate Sauna Equipment Size
    Normal sauna room height is 7' maximum.
    For sauna height 84" or less: use 1Kw = 46 cu ft.
    For sauna height 90" to 96": use 1Kw = 40 cu ft.


Hot - Hot - Sauna Heater Special Deals...
These specials are available when shipped with any sauna heater order:
Heater Special #1 - SAVE $50.
--- Take $50 OFF the DEC Digital Electronic Control.
Heater Special #2 - SAVE $10. --- Take $10 OFF any size Aluminium Foil Vapor Barrier.
Heater Special #3 - Save over $500 - Buy a Complete DIY Sauna Kit. Read More...

Why Buy Sauna Equipment From Great Saunas?
1. After 35 years as a sauna manufacturer, our trained sauna experts can give you lots of support & advice as needed. We've been there - done that - and happy to share our sauna equipment knowledge & experiences with you!
We're here to make this easy for you!
2. You can buy your sauna equipment HERE at low discount prices because of our volume sauna business!
3. The Steam Vaporizer Sauna Equipment is complete with limited lifetime warranty. Very easy to install to 240 volt power.

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Sauna Equipment are also called sauna heaters, sauna ovens or a sauna heater or a sauna stove. Saunacore Steam Vaporizer Stoves are ideal for use in dry saunas, wet saunas, home saunas, hot saunas, Finnish saunas or Russian banya saunas! All sauna equipment stoves allow water to be thrown onto the hot sauna rocks.
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