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Sauna Heaters, Stoves & Equipment

This selection is the best review of 60+ sauna heaters, sauna stoves & sauna equipment found anywhere. Great Saunas has all types of sauna heaters, sauna stoves and sauna equipment available. 

How do I decide which Sauna Stove to buy?

Questions to consider in deciding on the heater for sauna:
• Type of power you have available (electricity, wood, gas)
• The size needed to appropriately heat the sauna room
• Your preferred style (wet or dry sauna, all stainless steel)
• Warranty that is offered with the sauna heater

FREE SHIPPING on Sauna Heaters 2-6 Kw All Spring
$50 Credit Towards Shipping for Sauna Stoves 7.5 Kw and Larger

1. Electric Sauna Heaters & Sauna Stoves...

For a traditional sauna installation, electric sauna heaters are considered best by 85% of sauna buyers for their fast warm-up and easy electrical installation. Our home sauna heaters can be used as wet or dry sauna heaters with temperatures reaching 194°F (90°C).
Standard Sauna Heaters
Base Model
Small Heaters: 2, 3, 4 Kw
Medium Heaters: 5, 6 Kw
Large Heaters: 7.5 to 10.5 Kw

Special Edition Heaters
All Stainless-Steel
Best buy Sauna Heater
9 Sizes: 2 to 10.5 Kw

Vaporizer Sauna Heaters
Has Steam Vaporizer Feature
All Stainless-Steel
For Regular Hot Saunas
6 Sizes: 4 to 10.5 Kw
Scandia Sauna Heaters small, medium, and large
Ultimate Sauna Heaters
Deep Rock Capacity
All Stainless-Steel
6 Sizes: 4 to 9 Kw
Scandia Sauna Heaters
Versatile Designs
All Stainless-Steel
Sizes from 2 to 18Kw
Commercial Sauna Heaters
Rugged Floor Model
Large Sauna heater
9 Sizes: 9 to 21 Kw


2. Sauna Equipment: Gas & Wood Burning Sauna Heaters...

For outdoor saunas, backyard saunas, or cottage saunas, wood fired sauna stoves provide the best traditional sauna answer for hot saunas and steam saunas.
Small Wood Burning
Sauna Stoves

Small Size for Sauna Rooms
6'x7' and Smaller
Large Wood Burning
Sauna Heaters

Large Size for Sauna Rooms
6'x8' and Larger

3. Steam Sauna Equipment...

A true steam sauna room has a much lower temperature (130° to 140° F or 55°C), and higher humidity (70 to 90%) than the traditional Finnish sauna. The "steam" comes from a "steam generator" which is carefully sized to the cubic feet of each steam sauna room.
Steam Generator
For Steam Sauna Rooms
With Visible Steam
8 Sizes: From $1100
Vaporizer Sauna Heaters
Used in Reg Hot Saunas For
Extra Humidity/Steam
6 Sizes: From $780

4. Infrared Ceramic Emitters and Carbon Fiber...

There are two classifications of Infrared heating elements or panels.  The Ceramic Emitter offers a very targeted heat source, where as the Carbon Fiber panel offers a more evenly distributed heat source.

5. Technical Support Information is Online...

Controls for Electric Sauna Heaters... more info on heater controllers
Installation of Electric Sauna Heaters... more info on installation
Electrical Wiring Specs on Sauna Heaters... more info
Sauna Heater Parts, Controls, Thermostats... more info

6. Review of Sauna Heaters & Sauna Stove Terminology...

Steam Sauna Heaters... refers to the sauna heaters used in our Finnish-style wet/dry sauna
Infrared Sauna Heaters in Carbon Fiber... are now used in our best infrared saunas
Infrared Sauna Heaters in Ceramic... use the original technology in infrared sauna rooms
Electric Sauna Heaters... are the most popular sauna units or sauna stoves in North America
Sauna Room Heaters... are sometimes called sauna units or sauna ovens in Europe
Gas Sauna Heaters... will cost $2,000 to $3,000 or more to install than electric sauna heaters
Dry Sauna Heaters... are traditional dry/wet sauna heaters with no water added to the rocks
Wet Sauna Heaters... are the same equipment as our dry sauna heaters with water used
Home Sauna Heaters... are usually electric and chosen by 85% of sauna heater buyers
Wood Sauna Heaters... refer to sauna wood and a wood burning stove
Outdoor Sauna Heaters... are our wood burning sauna stoves or electric sauna heaters
Finnish Sauna Heaters... usually have lots of rocks with exposed elements in between
Sauna Units... usually refer to our sauna heaters or infrared saunas
Heater for Sauna... buy a sauna heater from the best source - Great Saunas
Build Your Own Sauna Heaters... have a cheap price when you buy a sauna kit from us
Prices of Sauna Heaters... are shown on our sauna heater pages for 60+ models
Costs of Sauna Heaters... are approximate on this page for reference only
Cheap Sauna Heaters... are available when you buy our complete sauna kits

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