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Pennsylvania Sauna

GREAT SAUNAS ships home sauna kits and infrared saunas from its 30,000 sq ft sauna factory-warehouse.  A leading sauna manufacturer, Great Saunas ships everywhere in Pennsylvania at NO TAX factory-outlet prices on 100+ sauna kit models (to home sauna page).

Sauna in Pennsylvania

People in Pennsylvania love their saunas. In cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, saunas are strong selling features for the many hotels and motels catering to Pennsylvania travelers. Many Pennsylvania real estate professionals believe a sauna in a private home will help to increase property value, even if the sauna in the home is a pre-fab sauna.

Many Pennsylvania residents buy their sauna kits from Great Saunas. They recognize the parallels between their community and their sauna company, as each holds high regard for history, diversity, tradition and innovation. Great Saunas, for example, has been a manufacturer of high-quality pre-fab saunas throughout its 36-year history. Today, the company's sauna builders make a diversified range of saunas, including classic Finnish saunas and far infrared sauna kits. Which type of wet or dry sauna is best for your Pennsylvania home? With the help of the friendly sauna sales professionals at Great Saunas, it will be an easy choice.

Contact Great Saunas today, and bring another great sauna kit home to Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania customers pay NO SALES TAX when they order from Great Saunas.
Many Pennsylvania infrared saunas come from Great Saunas, America's sauna factory.
Great Saunas ships infrared saunas and cedar sauna kits to every part of Pennsylvania

30,000 sq ft Sauna Factory-Warehouse
30,000 Sq Ft Sauna Factory-Warehouse

"Philadelphia's own Ben Franklin once wrote, 'A penny saved is a penny earned.' Well, Mr. Franklin would be proud of me, for I earned a lot of pennies by buying my infrared sauna from your company."

Victor G., Philadelphia, PA

"Kudos to you for promoting products that help people get and stay healthy. You must feel proud knowing that your infrared saunas make such a difference in people's lives."

Debbie M., Pittsburgh, PA

"I had never built a sauna before receiving the pre-cut kit I ordered from you. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I first thought it might be. In fact, I had quite a fun time. Your sauna building book was a big help."

Frank S., Harrisburg, PA

"I like the way you do business. No games, no trickery, no gimmicks. Your integrity and outstanding prices are sure to bring you many more satisfied customers like me."

Jim L ., Allentown, PA

Saunas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

According to sauna historian Mikkel Aaland, Finnish and Swedish immigrants built North America's first sauna in the Philadelphia area in 1638. Aaland writes that some historians believe Sauna was the first name given to what became Philadelphia. As Pennsylvania served as the home state of so many famous firsts in the 17th and 18th centuries, it is reasonable to think that Philadelphia was the site of North America's first sauna. As for Philadelphia once being named Sauna, little evidence exists to support that claim.

There is no doubt, however, of the popularity of saunas throughout Philadelphia. Visit the many hotels, motels, health clubs and fitness centers of Philadelphia and you'll find plenty of warm, welcoming wet and dry saunas. Call on the friendly homeowners of Philadelphia, and don't be surprised if they invite you to share a sauna session with them in their wet or dry sauna. Philadelphia isn't nicknamed The City of Brotherly Love for nothing, you know.

If you live in Philadelphia and are ready to buy a pre-fab sauna, contact Great Saunas to discuss the many types of cedar sauna kits now available. One of our sauna kits will be perfect for your Philadelphia home. It will fill you with pride and revitalize your spirit.

Sauna buyers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pay NO SALES TAX at Great Saunas.
Folks in Philadelphia, Penn. benefit from the discount sauna prices at Great Saunas.
All sauna kits shipped to Philadelphia, Penn. include Great Saunas' sauna plans.
Infrared sauna kits from Great Saunas are popular in Philadelphia, Penn.
Sauna buyers in Philadelphia, Penn. like the fast 3-day shipping from Great Saunas.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residents find total peace inside our sauna kits.

Saunas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Imagine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania without the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pittsburgh residents would rather not, for they know their professional sports teams are part of what defines Pittsburgh. The same is true of the many wet and dry saunas in Pittsburgh. The citizens of Pittsburgh work hard and play hard, and they enjoy coming home to their dry saunas. They know regular sauna use is good for their joints, muscles, skin and general health. Using wet or dry saunas may not turn them into Pittsburgh sports legends like Terry Bradshaw or Mario Lemieux. But saunas will certainly help them become healthier, happier Pittsburgh citizens.

If you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and are interested in buying a wet or dry sauna, contact Great Saunas today. Our goal is to help people in Pittsburgh find the cedar sauna kits that are right for their needs. Contact Great Saunas, and get ready to score yourself a real deal. Folks in Pittsburgh might even call it a steal.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania customers pay NO SALES TAX at Great Saunas.
Folks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania love the low sauna prices at Great Saunas.
Infrared saunas from Great Saunas are very popular in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Sauna buyers in Pittsburgh, Penn. like the fast 3-day shipping from Great Saunas.
All sauna kits shipped to Pittsburgh, Penn. include sauna plans from Great Saunas.
Our outdoor cedar sauna kits are a real hit with folks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pre-fab Saunas for Allentown, Penn. and Scranton, Pennsylvania

Great Saunas makes 100+ sauna kits for customers in Allentown and Scranton, Pa.
Scranton and Allentown, Pa. customers pay NO SALES TAX at Great Saunas.
Folks in Allentown and Scranton, Pa. love the low sauna prices at Great Saunas.
Shipping infrared sauna kits to Scranton or Allentown, Pa. takes 3 days.

Sauna Factory-Superstore Has Best Sauna Selection

GREAT SAUNAS has the largest & best selection of sauna kits, sauna equipment, home saunas & infrared saunas, all shipped from its 30,000 sq ft factory-superstore.
Great Saunas features 100+ models of home saunas, infrared saunas & DIY sauna kits all sold at our best factory-outlet prices. > Home Sauna Page
Great Saunas, as a sauna factory, makes sauna doors & cedar sauna kits for dry saunas, wet saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas, etc.
Great Saunas has the best reviews of 60+ sauna heaters, sauna stoves & sauna equipment.
Sauna dealers offer only a few sauna models - we have over 100 sauna models. As we are a factory-superstore, our sauna sale prices are much lower than the prices sauna dealers charge.

Population and Sauna Statistics for Urban Areas in Pennsylvania

Allentown, Pennsylvania population: 768,036.
Erie, Pennsylvania population: 279,966.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania population: 517,468.
Johnstown, PA population: 149,453.
Lancaster, PA population: 482,775.
Lebanon, PA population: 122,652.
Philadelphia, PA population: 5,772,947.
Pittsburgh, PA population: 2,410,330.
Reading, PA population: 385,307.
Scranton, PA population: 552,139.
State College, PA population: 141,636.
York, PA population: 394,915.

GREAT SAUNAS ships 100+ home sauna kits and infrared saunas to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie PA, Scranton Penn., Allentown and the rest of Pennsylvania from its 30,000 sq ft sauna factory-warehouse.  Our sauna sale prices are much lower than the prices sauna dealers charge. Great Saunas has featured NO TAX factory-outlet prices on home sauna kits and infrared saunas to Penn.
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