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The Hot Sauna
For a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit - 813

The sauna is revered far and wide for the good feelings it gives its users, but a relaxing, reinvigorating sauna bath can do far more than simply clear the cluttered mind and elevate the burdened spirit. Indeed, the benefits to the body are absolutely amazing.

Reacting naturally to the heat of a sauna bath, surface blood vessels expand, bringing an abundant flow of blood to the skin. The hot skin quickly warms the blood, carrying the heat deeper into the body. Through perspiration, acid and waste residues are extracted from the blood, boosting the kidneys’ capabilities to filter out impurities.

After a few sessions in the sauna, pores that have been closed for far too long may open up, expelling old cosmetics, blackheads and acne-producing bacteria. Dead skin cells may loosen up, allowing for them to be washed off later. Teenagers will like how the sauna helps to keep their skin cleaner and clearer, and adults will appreciate looking and feeling healthier and more youthful.

Greater blood flow benefits the body’s muscles through the reduction of lactic acid. Athletes often use the sauna to relax their sore, tense and tired muscles and alleviate stiffness in their joints. Increased circulation also promotes the healing of skin cuts, as the stronger blood flow brings more red and white blood cells to the areas where they are needed.

Not to be ignored are the sauna’s proven abilities to help relieve tension headaches, backaches, colds, sinus congestion, arthritis, rheumatism, minor respiratory ailments, and sleeping difficulties.

For individuals caught up in the tremendous pressure and extreme stresses of 21st century society, the sauna offers peace, pleasure and plenty of other perks and privileges, not the least of which are the indisputable health benefits.   

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