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Chromotherapy Light Can Benefit Our Well-Being - 824

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy or Color Therapy healing is the science that uses the 7 colors of the spectrum to improve our mental well-being and the health of our bodies. The 7 colors have the ability to affect the vibrations of the body in the frequencies that affect health, welfare and harmony. Color therapy has been used in Asia for a thousand years.

Chromotherapy is also associated with Light Therapy which is used to treat SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Read more on SAD…

Use of Chromotherapy in Infrared Saunas...

The availability of Color Therapy is receiving a significant boost from its use in infrared sauna rooms. The use of LEDs with electronic controls make it accessible and economical to own.
Chromotherapy Light in the Roof of an Infrared Sauna
But there are serious precautions that need to be taken when applying the colors: as excessive time may be harmful, the time of exposure or applications in erroneous areas may cause unwanted effects. Therefore, don't go out and simply apply colors to your body. The effects can be harmful to your health.

It is important to remember that caring for the body and the mind is a legal responsibility of doctors, psychologists, massage therapists and other qualified health professionals.

We all need the light of the sun to live. We receive light from the sun which is divided into 7 main groups of rays which are absorbed by our physical bodies. When there is an imbalance of these colors in our personal energetic field (our aura), it reflects on our bodies as a mental or a physical illness or impairment. Healing colors help us attain the balance we so desperately need.
Violet Color Therapy targeting nerves and Lymphatic System
The energy of colors has the same characteristics as the electromagnetic energy of radio and television waves. Similar to radios and televisions receiving “radio waves”, humans are also receiving “energy waves” from the 7 colors. Each color has its own frequencies that create its unique vibration. Each vibration has characteristics related to different physical and mental impairments.

Each of the 7 colors relates to one of the 7 main chakras. Chromotherapy works to adjust or re-align the energy balance in each of the chakras. To do this, we use a Green Chakra Color targeting the Lungs & Heartspecific color that connects to the chakra that needs to be adjusted. This application of light can be made by the use of crystals, colored lenses or colored light bulbs. Today’s electronics allow the use of a group of LEDs in infrared sauna rooms for chromotherapy.

Benefits of Chromotherapy Colors...

In addition to the 7 main colors of the spectrum, there are 5 additional colors that are beneficial to our bodies:

Benefits of Chromotherapy Colors
  Pink Removes impurities in the blood stream
  Orange Eliminates localized fat, improves energy
  Violet Relaxes the nerves and lymphatic system.
Helps to heal infections and inflammations
  Indigo Purifies the circulatory system as a coagulant and analgesic
  Strong Green Regenerates, assists as an antiseptic against micro-organisms
  Green Relaxes nerves, provides energy for body cleanliness
  Yellow Improves skin quality by purifying and re-activation
  Strong Yellow Lubricates joints and connective tissue
  Strong Blue Lubricates joints and connective tissue
  Blue Regenerates muscle cells, skin, nerves and circulatory system
  Strong Pink Strengthens veins and arteries
  Red Benefits the circulation & nervous systems

What are the Chakras that are used in Chromotherapy?

Chakras are the energy points that are located in the aura, the field of energetic vibrations that exists in every human body. Chakras have the shape of a wheel or vortex. In the human body they have an average diameter of 5 to 6 centimeters (2").

Connection of Chakra Colors to Illness...

Chakra Color
Associated Illness or Malady
  Yellow Indigestion, intestines, skin, spine
Kidneys, hepatitis, jaundice, liver, pancreas
  Orange Asthma, bronchitis, lungs
  Strong Blue Colds, sinus infection, ear infection, rheumatism
Stress, nervous tension
  Blue Throat infection, thyroid infection, constipation
  Indigo Cataracts, glaucoma, eye inflammation
Ocular fatigue, nasal bleeding
  Violet Urinary illness, psychoses

The 7 main chakra colors are commonly defined as...

  Violet Deals with heightened and elevated themes, assist in meditation and elevation. Relates to the subtle plane.
  Lilac Deals with intuition and subjects of the mind (increased rationality). It connects to the head
  Blue Deals with speech (inhibition or ability to express oneself). It connects to the throat.
  Green Relates to the intermediate plane. It connects with the lung and heart.
  Yellow Deals with nervousness and agitation. Relates to anxiety in the material plane, auto-expression. It connects with the stomach, liver, intestines, and other organs.
  Orange Relates to the conjugal hereditary succession and situations in the material plane. It connects to the sexual organs and kidneys.
  Red The densest of all material planes. Deals with the structure of a man in its path. It connects to the legs and feet.

To Read more about Chromotherapy see Chromotherapy Can Color and light Improve Your Health

Great Saunas is always trying to include the most beneficial features in their traditional and Infrared Saunas. In keeping with this we include chromotherapy as a standard feature in the majority of our infrared Saunas.

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