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Traditional Sauna is a Finnish Dry Sauna..

Sweating in the First Session in the Traditional Finnish Hot Sauna

Cooling off after the First Session in the Traditional Finnish Hot Sauna
Cooling off

Beat Yourself with Birch Whisks in the Traditional Finnish Hot Sauna in the Second Session
Beating yourself
in the heat

Cooling Down & Drying off in the Traditional Finnish Hot Dry Sauna Happens After the Third Session
Cooling down & drying

Return to Sweat One More TIme in the Traditional Finnish Hot Dry Sauna
Return to sweat some more

Hardy Sauna People May Return for 1 Last Session in the Traditional Finnish Hot Dry Sauna
Beat yourself
in the heat some more

Washing & Rinsing Happens in the Traditional Finnish Hot Dry Sauna Happens After the Second or Third Session
Final Washing

Final Washing & Rinsing in the Traditional Finnish Hot Dry Sauna Happens After the Second or Third Session
Final rinsing off

Final Cooling Down & Drying off  in the Traditional Finnish Hot Dry Sauna Happens After the Third Session
Final cooling down
 and drying off

Traditional Finnish Sauna Saying,
"all men are equal, and more so in the sauna".

The traditional Finnish dry sauna is a hot temperature, very low humidity hot air bath that makes the sauna bathers sweat very profusely. New comers to this traditional Finnish form of dry heat bathing and relaxation will need 2 to 6 weeks of regular use to acclimatize to the hot dry environment.

Hot dry saunas can be enjoyed for many reasons: as a work-out for the cardiovascular system, a deep-cleansing treat for the body, an immune system booster, and a soothing and invigorating refreshment for the mind.

There are a few precautions to keep in mind. Because of the increase in cardiovascular activity caused by the traditional hot temperature, dry saunas are not recommended for people with heart disease or other cardiovascular problems. Individuals with high blood pressure should first consult their doctor. In addition, the hot dry sauna is not advised for pregnant women, small children, or the elderly. If you have been working out, be sure that your body has had time to cool down before exposing it to the heat of a sweat bath.

An old Finnish saying goes,
"if the sauna can't cure it, nothing will"

The Sauna Experience.
Mind and Body Renewal

A sauna is a peaceful refuge
from the stress of daily living,
a soothing, dry heat environment
that relaxes and refreshes,
to leave you feeling healthier
than ever before.

    How To Use a Traditional Hot Dry Finnish Sauna

  • Make sure you have enough time. You should never rush a Finnish sauna.

  • Before entering the traditional dry sauna, it is polite to take a quick shower.

  • If provided, use a towel to sit on the sauna bench. Traditional sauna temperatures range from 175 to 210°F (80-100°C).

  • Adjust the humidity by throwing a little water on to the hot rocks. Often the host pours the water on the hot rocks to generate steam.

  • While in the sauna, it is also traditional to "whip" yourself, (or your guest) with a bundle of birch branches called "vasta" or "vihta" in Finnish, or rub your skin with a loofah sponge. This stimulates the blood circulation in the skin, and also fills the sauna with a pleasant, fresh smell of birch leaves. The traditional Finns have done this for thousands of years. We call it exfoliation.

  • Limit your time in the traditional dry sauna to 10 to 15 minutes per session. Drink plenty of water before and after the sauna to replace lost fluids. The sweat glands can secrete up to 30 grams of sweat per minute, or almost one pint per 15 minutes, so dehydration is a very real possibility if you are not careful. Fatigue and other indications of dehydration can occur with as little as 1 to 2% loss in body weight.

  • When you've warmed yourself up, go cool off for a while. A cool shower or plunge into a nearby lake will top off the enjoyment. If you're really brave in the winter, you can roll in the snow. Or just relax for 10 minutes in regular temperature air to get your body temperature back to normal.

  • Return to the heat according to your liking for a second session. Spend as much time in the hot temperature as you feel comfortable.

  • Finish by washing yourself, then rinsing yourself clean. Rest a while and enjoy a refreshing drink.

  • Put your clothes on only after the sweating has completely stopped.

  • Leave the dry sauna in a tidy condition.

  • Avoid alcohol and heavy meals before the sauna. After the sauna, light snacks and refreshing drinks are a perfect conclusion to a most enjoyable treat. Continue this process in a few days and return to the traditional Finnish dry sauna for more enjoyment.

More Info on Dry Saunas

Dry Sauna Information.
In a dry sauna, the temperature ranges from 60 degrees Celsius to more than 100 degrees Celsius. In a wet sauna, the temperature is lower but feels equally hot.
As a sauna is not as steamy as a Turkish bath, one sometimes hears the term "dry sauna." This does not mean the air in the sauna should be dry. Entirely dry, hot air is potentially damaging to one's respiratory system. The true Finnish sauna always includes loyly. Although splashing water on the rocks first causes a surge of hot steam from the heater, it eventually cools down the sauna. Also, a more humid sauna will induce more sweating.

Wet Sauna Information. While the temperature in a wet sauna is lower than that of a dry sauna, the heat is transpired more effectively by the moisture in the air, thus making it feel super hot. The wet sauna has distinct healing qualities. It can help combat viruses, for example, by taking your internal body temperature to an artificial fever state. It provides you with a cardiovascular workout without any stress or strain on your joints; it cleanses your skin; it can aid weight loss, and it can help eliminate harmful toxins that may have accumulated in your muscle tissue.

Finnish Sauna Information. The original Finnish sauna was a smoke sauna. A fire was lit under stones in the sauna room, and the smoke went out a hole in the wall. When the room was hot and the fire was out, the hole was shut, the room was filled with fresh air, and, in an hour or so, you could go in and have a great sauna. (from peacecountry0.tripod.com/sauna.cfm)

Dry Saunas Information. The term "dry sauna" is used to distinguish the traditional Finnish sauna from the steam-based Turkish sauna. Dry saunas aren't dry at all, for sweat and steam are major elements in their performance.

Sauna Information. The correct pronunciation of the Finnish word "sauna" is "sow (as in cow) - nah." The traditional sauna is a wooden building where bathers it on benches, splash water on a stove's hot stones, and gently beat themselves with leafy birch whisks. Similar bathing houses and customs are also known among many other cultures, but the Finns are a special nation of sauna enthusiasts who have kept the tradition alive and adjusted it to their modern lifestyle. 


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For sauna buyers wanting to buy or build traditional hot saunas, our sauna design team will supply the sauna parts needed for sauna construction. If you want to do it yourself with the build your own sauna option, simply buy the DIY sauna equipment as needed. We'll supply the sauna heater or sauna stove, sauna door, sauna wood and sauna accessories separately as needed.

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GREAT SAUNAS ships 100+ home sauna kits and infrared saunas from its sauna factory-outlet.  Our sauna sale prices are much lower than the prices sauna dealers charge for Finnish saunas. For years Great Saunas has featured factory-outlet prices on home sauna kits and infrared saunas.

GREAT SAUNAS ships 100+ home sauna kits and infrared saunas from its sauna factory-outlet.  Our sauna sale prices are much lower than the prices sauna dealers charge for Finnish saunas. For years Great Saunas has featured factory-outlet prices on home sauna kits and infrared saunas.

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